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We always welcome CVs from potential employees. To apply for a position please fill in the Job Application form and send it to:

Nicola Argo (Head of Establishment),
The Broomhill Nusery, 36 Fonthill Rd, Aberdeen AB11 6UJ

Or phone for information: 01224 588898

Support Worker Specification

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Staff reviews:


" I am twenty seven yeras old and have been working with children for nine years. I worked with the VSA for children with additional support needs, then decided to complete my National Certificate and Higher National Certificate in Early Education and Childcare. I joined the Broomhill team in 2011 and since then have had great training opportunities, met so many great colleagues and families. In fact I think my favourite part of the job is having new families come in, get to know them, and eventually have a connection with them. I don't want them to leave, but I am also excited to see them move on to their next adventure. I now have a daughter and love to take her to nursery and see her get excited to see the staff and explore the environment."


" I am twenty two years old. I have been working at Broomhill nursery for six and a half years now, but have been around children my whole life. I have had a keen interest in working with children from a very young age as I started dancing at one and a half years old. I worked my way through the classes, volunteered as a teaching assistant, and am now a fully qualified dancing teacher. From ten years old, I volunteered to help at a stage school that works with children and young adults with additional support needs. I taught them to sing and dance, and still help out with this class in my spare time. I started working at Broomhill back in 2011 and have worked my way thorough the ranks to become qualified. I now manage the Joey Room ( 2-3y) at Fonthill Road. I have loved every minute of meeting the children and parents through my time here and have loved seeing the children grow and develop, moving on to big school eventually."


"When I started working at the nursery as a nineteen year old Nursery nurse, I never imagined that twenty eight years later I would still be here! Working with children under five is a very rewarding job, and being part of the most important years in a child's life requires dedication, patience, a nurturing and caring personality, and the ability to put in the hard work and time to ensure you are meeting the needs of all the childen in your care.

The child has always been at the centre of everything we do at Broomhill, and good leadership and training ensures that the staff have always had the best of role models to enable them to provide the highest standards of childcare, education and learning opportunities for the children. For me, the satisfaction of seeing "my" babies grow into young children, teenagers, and adults (some now parents themselves) who are successful and achieving what they want in life, makes me realise that my choice to become a nursery nurse was one of the best decisions I ever made. I will always be thankful that Susan and Ann chose me to be one of the first staff at Broomhill, and gave me the support and confidence to further develop my personal and professional skills throughout the years. I cna now share this with my team to ensure we enable the young babies and toddlers in our care to grow and develop into confident individuals."