Reviews and Testimonials

This is what parents and children say about us.


"We find the nursery provides excellent care; it is a warm and welcoming environment. The staff are very enthusiastic and caring. We love that the children are encouraged to take part in many different activities and spend lots of time outdoors playing and exploring the neighbourhood. There is excellent interaction between the staff, parents and children. Overall (we are) delighted with the experience of Broomhill at Fonthill. P.S. Our son loves baking club and stories from Pam!"

"Broomhill Nursery is a fantastic environment for our little girl. She has settled very well at the nursery and enjoys the varied activities and games, outdoor play and interaction with the staff and other children. Her social and language skills have really developed since starting. All of the staff are fun, caring, friendly and helpful. Even though they must be very busy, they always have time to spare to say hello at drop off and pick up, and are always on hand to answer any queries. Most importantly, Saoirse feels safe and happy with the staff. She sometimes forgets to say Goodbye to me, because she's too busy saying Hello to them! I would reccomend the nursery to any parent."


"Everyone is nice here. There are lots of toys, and my teachers always keep me safe. " (Vrunda)

"There are lots of nurseries, but my nursery is the best. The teachers love us." (Maicie)

"I love my nursery. My Daddy goes to work, but I get to come here and have fun!" (Emiliano)