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Ammendments to the Infection Control Policy

The government recognises the concept of the health promoting nurseries as important in ensuring not only that health education is integral to the curriculum but also that the service ethos, policies and experiences and outcomes for children foster mental, physical and social wellbeing and healthy development.

Both Pre-Birth to Three and Curriculum for Excellence Frameworks present an holistic approach to health and well-being, where staff, parents and agencies work together to achieve the best start for children. At The Broomhill Nursery we value the importance of following a healthy lifestyle, which is why we have adopted our health promoting ethos, this includes providing healthy, nutritious meals to the children and staff.

Menus are created in accordance with the nutritional guidance set out by the Scottish Executive, however parents and children do also have the opportunity to give their feedback and ideas. The Nutritional Guidance for children aged 1-5 is a guide for early year’s establishments on what type of meals children should be having at different ages and how the meals should be balanced over the week.

Each nursery has a cook on the premises who prepares fresh meals everyday using healthy fresh ingredients.  Children will be given fruit and vegetables with every meal throughout the day and water is available for children to drink at any time during the day.

We place a high emphasis on fresh air and exercise and use various opportunities to promote children to participate in physical exercise both in the nursery and outside in our garden areas.  Regular physical play encourages children to live healthier lifestyles, builds confidence, self-awareness, determination and helps children learn about their environment. Staff set themselves as good role models for the children, and model their healthy living to the children by leading and joining in with play experiences and encouraging good hygiene practices.

In the nursery the standard of hygiene is consistently maintained. Staff are trained in infection control procedures at induction. The toys are washed regularly and thoroughly in line with our procedures and general housekeeping is of a high standard. Children are supported and encouraged to wash hands regularly even from a young age, and also enjoy washing toys as part of their practical life activities.

Promoting Health of the whole nursery develops good relations, and the nursery values these relations through the contributions made by children, parents/carers, staff and relevant agencies. We are in partnership with NHS Grampian, working with the Childsmile programme.  Childsmile is a Scotland-wide initiative to help improve the health of all our children’s teeth.  Every child will access daily supervised tooth brushing in nursery.

We access visits from the dental team where children are engaged through role play and hands on learning experiences regarding oral health and healthy eating.
Annually, the pre-school children receive an eye test in conjunction with NHS Grampian.  Parents are kept informed when this is due and permission is sought.  The tests are carried out in the nursery.

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Notifications of Illness

In order to prevent the spread of infection, children will be excluded from The Broomhill Nursery if they have an infectious illness. We observe the policies and guidelines of NHS Grampian regarding exclusion of children and giving of medication. If your child requires medication please provide written instructions in accordance with our Medicine Policy. Please note we cannot give medicine to a child unless it is in its original packaging. If medicine has been prescribed, it must be clearly labelled by the pharmacist.

We have put together a handy reference list for you of signs and symptoms of common childhood illnesses with suggested lengths of time that your child should be kept away from other children, and the nursery.

If your child appears off colour, but you are unsure if they are ill please inform the staff. We will observe and care for your child and inform you if their condition deteriorates. If a child becomes sick at nursery every effort will be made to contact you. The Nursery reserves the right to remove your child to hospital in the event of an emergency.

For your further information:
NHS Grampian Health Team's Exclusion Policy
U.K Childhood Immunisation programme

Medicine Policy

Medicines will only be accepted if they are in their original packaging and accompanied by a letter of instruction from the parent. Medicines dispensed by a Pharmacist must have a clearly printed label containing details of your child's name, date, dosage, and duration of the course of medication. As parent or guardian you should complete a medicine sheet and sign that the instructions for administration are correct. Only qualified staff administer medicines within The Broomhill Nursery.

Medicines given are recorded accurately on the Medicine Administration Sheet and the sheet signed by the staff member who administered the medicine. The Nursery may require a letter from you, and your child's General Practitioner to support the long-term administration of medicines and we may require guidance on the administration of certain prescribed medicines. When you come to collect your child you will be informed of the medicine administered during their stay at Nursery. Medicines will be returned to you. You have the right to check the Medicines Administration Sheet.

In cases of your child being in pain or having an elevated temperature, usually due to teething or the early onset of a minor illness, while at Nursery, verbal consent for administration of medicines (Calpol, teething gels, or others as stated on your child's enrolment form) will be sought over the telephone. A qualified staff member will then record your consent on the Medicine Administration Sheet, administer the medicine, sign as given and request your signature when you arrive to collect your child.

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Protecting and Safeguarding Children Policy

At The Broomhill Nursery our main aim is to promote the welfare of each child. Child Protection and how it is implemented is an important aspect of the care of children. All team members are trained to deal with any concerns sensitively and professionally. Copies of all The Broomhill Nursery Policies and Procedures can be obtained from the Nursery Manager and are available for staff to read online.

Promoting Positive Behaviour

In the Nursery, positive behaviour is promoted by teaching children to be proud of who they are and their achievements, by taking care of their friends and looking after toys and equipment. At times all children display different types of behaviour. Inappropriate behaviour is always treated in the first instance with an explanation in a calm and consistent manner to ensure that all children are aware of our rules and why they are set. To deal with challenging behaviour the following steps are taken:

1. The staff member will explain to the child why the behaviour is inappropriate.
2. If the behaviour persists, the child may be removed from the situation to another activity and supervised by a staff member.
3. "Time out" may be used where the child is removed from main activities, but is still within the playroom and supervised by a staff member. Parents will always be informed if time out is used.

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