Philosophy, Aims and Objectives

At Broomhill Nursery we believe that happiness and emotional security are vital to children’s wellbeing. We provide a safe and stimulating environment. Through kindness and care we promote a sense of self as a valued individual. We enable the children to become confident individuals, effective contributors, successful learners and responsible citizens. We believe that when secure and happy each child will be ready to learn through play and will develop the necessary learning processes for life. We will put a focus on; effective transitions, attachments and life skills to form a basis of holistic development and care. 


To provide the highest standard of childcare, education and learning opportunities within a safe, child centred, stimulating environment, promoting the Rights of the Child, Positive Relationships, Responsive Care and Respect.
To recognise and encourage each child's right to be Safe, Healthy, Nurtured, Respected, Responsible and Included and to help each child achieve at a level suitable to them.
To play a part in enabling children to grow and develop, being there for them and their families and making sure we understand individual family backgrounds and beliefs and using this knowledge to support each family and the needs that they may have.
To Get It Right for every child so that they can reach their full potential within their personal capabilities.


  • To ensure the highest standards of care and education is appropriately delivered adhering to the guidelines of "The Pre-Birth to Three" and “A Curriculum for Excellence” and National Care Standards Documents and using toolkits such as Building the ambition.
  • To continually assess the guidance available from all sources, particularly government departments and work towards best practice in all areas.
  • To encourage equal opportunities for all children and adults involved with the nursery.
  • To promote positive behaviour by praising, encouraging and being attentive to the needs of the children.
  • To ensure each child reaches their maximum potential. Team members will use observation, assessment, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluating, to deliver standards of excellence in a child centred approach. Each child will be stretched in their play by offering ideas, materials and vocabulary, by asking questions, and setting challenges, by helping, explaining or showing how things can be done, by investigating, exploring within a safe environment which allows for controlled risk taking at the level of each individual child.
  • To foster excellent relationships with parents, thus enabling them to confidently leave their child at Broomhill Nursery.
  • To ensure every team member reaches their full professional potential. This is achieved through training, within a continuous programme of personal and professional development, which ensures that skills and knowledge are up to date and relevant. All team members adhere to the SSSC codes of practice.